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The month of July is often synonymous with residential relocation for a good part of the population of the Greater Montreal Area. It is very common for individuals to organize their own move. This allows them to limit the costs associated with the move, but in many cases, caring for their own goods can be a very complex task. The city of Montreal is full of businesses specializing in residential, commercial and long-distance moving.

The city of Montreal is full of companies specialized in residential, commercial and even long distance moving. Moving Mont-Bruno is one of Montreal's moving companies, but is also able to serve the South Shore and the North Shore. Our company ensures you simplifications of operations, since you will have to take care of almost nothing! With peace of mind for transportation, you will be able to concentrate on other tasks adjacent to the operation. We even offer storage services as needed. In addition, you will be sure that all travel and handling of your personal property will be conducted safely and will be carried out with care.

In order to choose the right moving company, you will need to evaluate several criteria according to your location and the type of operation you want to perform. Déménagement Mont-Bruno offers its services in cities such as: Drummondville, Gatineau, Laval, Longueuil, Rimouski, Saint-Jean sur Richelieu and throughout Quebec.


The types of transportation for a move to Montreal are varied and will depend on your budget, the time you have, as well as your geolocation. The choice of the truck is usually popular because the rates are affordable. However, the costs will not be the same if the goods are transported from Montréal-Nord to Longueuil or Plateau Mont-Royal to Gatineau. The distance traveled has an influence on the price of removals. Know that our moving company in Montreal will find you the price that suits you and the appropriate transportation service and meeting your needs.


Moving companies such as Déménagement Mont Bruno offer quality moving services in addition to a complete packing service of your belongings. Packaging is extremely important because if it is not done properly, the goods may be damaged during transport or handling. The packaging can be made with cartons, plastic bins or straps adapted to properly stabilize the objects during transport. By opting for this service performed by specialists in the field, you allow yourself considerable time savings.


Long-distance moves are extremely complicated to arrange if you do not have the help of a moving company. It is important to have an estimate and to shop well if you have to change city, province, country or even continent. Indeed, the means of transport of your furniture will probably include the boat or the plane. The important thing is to agree with the company with which the move is made, because at a distance it is more difficult to communicate properly. Choose the exertion of Déménagement Mont-Bruno for all your needs in long distance removals and we will simplify your life!